Tooth braces

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Braces are orthodontic devices that are placed on the teeth and press them to move to their ideal positions.They are placed on the surface of the teeth (inside or outside) and are connected with special wires that the orthodontist tightens at each visit to correct the position of the teeth.

What problems do braces treat?

Some of the problems that braces treat are the following:

  • Clenched teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Telescopic closure
  • Cruciform occlusion
  • Hyperlink
  • Hasmodontia
  • Congregation
  • Mandibular prognathism
  • Upper jaw incontinence

At what age should the first visit to the orthodontist take place?

The appropriate age for early diagnosis of most orthodontic problems is 7 years of age.


However, if the dentist detects a problem before this age, he or she will encourage you and your child to visit the orthodontist, even if he or she is younger.

When should the child wear braces?

The child’s first visit to the orthodontist should take place at the age of 7 years. If a problem is observed, orthodontic treatment will begin depending on the type, severity and the child’s dental and skeletal development.

Early intervention is a simple way to prevent bigger problems.

It is a myth that children must have all their baby teeth changed before they can start braces. In some cases, such as when the upper teeth are crooked or when the upper jaw is too narrow, immediate treatment will be needed.

The most common age for a child to wear braces is 10-12 years old.