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Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic treatment method, using thin, clear and removable orthodontic appliances, that promises and -proven- restores orthodontic irregularities, dramatically improving the smile that many may be embarrassed to hide. And all this, without the orthodontic process being noticed and without any discomfort, physical or aesthetic. The braces in the Invisalign method are manufactured using high-tech digital software and sophisticated materials and are applied to the teeth, moving them progressively towards the desired position.

Invisalign is aimed at adults and adolescents and is the best and most aesthetically acceptable solution for those who need orthodontic treatment but are discouraged by the prospect of wearing traditional braces.


Every two weeks, the thin transparent splints, which are horseshoe-shaped (like the whitening splints), adapted to move the teeth a little bit, are replaced with new ones, which continue to move the teeth for another two weeks, until the next ones are fitted, and so the teeth are straightened millimeter by millimeter, until the end of the treatment.

Although, in every reference to orthodontic treatment, the aesthetic improvement of teeth and smile is emphasized, the basis of every orthodontic intervention is mainly for health reasons and not for aesthetics.