Maxillofacial Surgery

Complete denture restoration

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This implant and prosthetic technique is extremely popular with implantologists around the world and has been successfully practiced for more than 20 years.


All-on-4 and All-on-6 are definitely an effective solution for people who have lost a large number of teeth. More specifically, a fixed denture is created which is placed on 4 implants for the lower jaw or 6 implants for the upper jaw.

Implants are used to maintain the denture and the structural integrity of the jaw after tooth loss. The positioning and placement of four or six implants provides great additional strength, stability and long-term benefit.

The main advantages of this methodology are many:

You have fully functional new teeth made in a short time and at an affordable price

The new teeth can be used immediately.

You will quickly improve your confidence and appearance

You will improve your oral health and hygiene. The denture that has been created is cleaned in the same way as natural teeth and it is important to do it regularly.

There is no need to remove the dentures and in this way we have a uniform distribution of the chewing load over the entire jawbone.

At the same appointment of implant placement, the patient leaves with teeth.