Pediatric Dentistry


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The nerve of children’s teeth is very easy to affect, as it is located quite close to the surface of the tooth compared to permanent teeth. If the affected nerve is in the early stages, then the recommended treatment is a so-called pulpectomy, where the diseased part of the nerve is cut and removed (without pain, of course), while the rest of the nerve remains in place.

It is a relatively common procedure in children and is performed to save the child’s tooth and to ensure a smooth succession process from the permanent tooth. However, the materials used are specifically for children’s teeth and ensure that the children’s tooth will fall out and be replaced by the corresponding permanent tooth.

After the doctor makes the diagnosis, the infected pulp is removed from the inside of the tooth. The interior shall be carefully cleaned and disinfected. It is then filled with a special material that prevents further contamination. The tooth is either temporarily sealed or a crown is placed to protect the tooth until it is replaced by the permanent tooth.

Through this procedure, the tooth is allowed to remain in place until it is replaced naturally, as the premature loss of baby teeth can cause problems with the alignment of permanent teeth.