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Fillings are some of the most common dental procedures. It restores the damaged dental substance of the tooth tip caused by caries or an accident. The detection of caries can be done by the dentist during the usual biannual check-up or by the patient (at least for the areas he or she can perceive that it is present). It is a dental disease that destroys the enamel which is the original layer of the teeth. It then continues to expand until it reaches the place where the nerve (pulp) of each tooth is located and gradually destroys it completely.

The pain in this case is sharp, unbearable and the tooth may need a root canal or even extraction. The tissues that caries destroys are not regenerated but the extension of the disease and its complications can be prevented by placing fillings.

Frequently asked questions

Even if the tooth doesn’t hurt, it may need a filling to protect and maintain the health of your teeth. The placement of a filling prevents the deterioration of the condition of the teeth and the expansion of caries, as well as the need for expensive procedures in the future.

A dental filling covers the inside of the acne and not the entire surface. An inlay covers only the damaged part of the tooth. A dental implant covers the entire edge of the tooth. This protects the entire chewing surface.